Stijn de Vreede OBC


Type of shipments transported as On Board Courier

plane (2)
AOG parts

Every second a plane is awaiting important parts is very valuable. When parts are in size and weight (under 32 kgs) the most reliable way of transport is an On Board Courier. Situated in Leiden and in posession of an own car I can get to warehouses around Amsterdam Airport within 30 minutes.

Medical Transports

Shipments of (life saving) medicine, samples, stemcells and other human tissue. With this shipments caution and speed is required. I take care of any additional requirements for the shipment and will make sure that in case of any disruption the best solutions are chosen.

Ship parts

Door to bridge delivery of time critical vessel parts. Transported several ship parts to destinations all around the globe. When required I wear high visibility clothing and safety shoes to enter the vessel.

Industrial Parts

Production stops can be very expensive because of all the resources that can not be used. Transportation of parts as handcarry or checked are the fastest option. Pickup anywhere in the Netherlands and delivery to the correct location in the shortest time possible.

Luxury Items

Personal delivery of items of great value or significance. Items are always transported in discretion. Suited pickup and delivery. Door to door.

Documents and contracts

Corporate contracts or legal documents that need to be transported in a secure and timely manner. Also possible to obtain signatures of the recieving party and deliver them to the sender.